Fresh Taste from all over the World

  • established in 2001 to fill up the gap in fresh herbs in pots on Czech and Slovak market
  • ow we offer these product lines: fresh herbs in pots, fresh cut herbs, exotic fruit and vegetables, RTE fruits and vegetable salads and meals
  • we supply these products to hypermarket chains and wholesalers
  • we are reliable partner of: Tesco Czech Republic, Tesco Slovakia, Makro Czech Republic, Metro Slovakia, Ahold Czech Republic, Ahold Slovakia, Lidl Czech Republic, Globus Czech Republic, Penny Market, Kaufland Czech Republic, Billa Czech Republic, Billa Slovakia
  • flexibility is our priority, we supply from one cartoon to truck
  • we educate end customers in new types of fruit and vegetables and to recognize quality products
  • our aim is constant grow based on perfect knowledge of our products, demands of our partners, flexibility and reliability

Our product line

Exotic Fruits, RTE Fruits

Exotic Fruits, RTE Fruits

  • we supply nearly all kinds of exotic fruits
  • among our strongest products belong: mango, avocado, papaya, figs, we also specialize in lesser-known kinds of exotics like jackfruit, durian, salak, mangosteen etc.
  • with our suppliers we work on base of often deliveries smaller qualities so all products are very fresh
  • special part of exotic fruit is Ready-to-Eat line
Exotic Fruits, RTE Fruits


  • we supply exotic or special types of vegetables and we also specialize in chilli peppers
  • our strongest products are: chillies, other fresh spices like ginger, asparagus green and white, all types of beans and peas, lettuces, etc.
  • we also supply baby and midi vegetables where we offer a very wide range
Fresh Herbs in Pots

Fresh Herbs in Pots

  • more than 20 types on herbs in pots and also organic potted herbs
  • recently, we are the biggest supplier of potted herbs on Czech and Slovak market
  • we guarantee high quality due to best available technologies
  • flexibility in packaging: different diameters of pots, discretionary print
  • on one type of herb or mix of herbs in a carton
Fresh Cut Herbs

Fresh Cut Herbs

  • more than 20 kinds of fresh cut herbs
  • high quality and freshness due to frequent direct flight deliveries to Prague
  • our herbs come from Israel, Egypt, Italy, Czech Republic, Colombia
  • flexibility in packaging: plastic box, flow pack, paper box, etc., discretionary print on foil or stickers
  • we offer also special mixed herbs like mojito pack, italian mix, BBQ mix, etc.
Ready to Eat Salads and Meals

Ready to Eat Salads and Meals

  • in the year 2009 we succesfully started to produce ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable salads
  • at the moment our customers can choose from more than 25 types of fruit
  • salads and 13 kinds of vegetables salads in protective gas atmosphere
  • we also offer ready to eat meals with no chemical additives